Barrio Grove Corner Residence


Family residence in the Barrio Historico with Philipp Neher and Paolo de Lorenzo (Innovative Living)

Services: Development, design, construction and marketing of a passive solar design concept house with
3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms and 3 courtyards.

The Barrio Grove Corner is designed as a home for a contemporary lifestyle set within the renowned
historic Barrio Viejo neighborhood. Conceptually, the Barrio Grove Corner is comprised of two shotgun-style volumes, one dedicated to the public program of the Entry Court, Living, and Dining, and the other for the private program with three Courtyard Bedrooms. A contemporary connection of glass and steel houses the kitchen, and is framed by two large courtyards that face the sunrise and sunset. Each courtyard offers a unique experience to their adjacent programs, with varying plays of light, nature, and space throughout the day.